Corsican Night

October 6, 2009 at 1:27 pm (Corsican Night)

Decided to focus on Corsican food on the 10th of October. From my experience there, the food is very much representative of local produce and what’s available seasonally. Lots of pork from the wild pigs that roam the mountain roads, and gorgeous cheeses from the mountainy sheep and goats, and obviously lots of seafood.

The smell from the maquis is just exquisite, I picked and dried some to bring home but it didn’t really do it justice.

For the welcoming drink I tried to track down some eau de vie or prunes of my father, as we affectionately call it, for the night but its not easy to come by in London. I did find some Corsican beer and wine which is a bonus. So the menu shall be:

Glass of Corsican beer or wine to start.

Starter : Fleur de Maquis corsican goats cheese with roasted chestnuts and herb fritters

Main course: Corsican Country Soup + Walnut bread

Dessert: Chestnut cake with hazelnut and chocolate ice cream.

Tickets and concessions available from


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