St Patricks night , snake free supper club

March 14, 2010 at 5:45 pm (Uncategorized)

When I was young I dont remember a St Patricks parade that it didnt piss down with rain. Standing, scrabbling to catch a glimpse of the floats or as they were, tractors drawing trailers, full of dacing irish girls and boys in their trad irish dancing costumes. Many of the floats used to be just lorries, or shiny tractors, and the odd pipe band. It was a very sombre affair. Cork was no NYC, no green beer or silly tricolour hats.

Pubs and shops closed their doors for the day. And what with a good helping of mass thrown in for starters, this gave the day a dull, grey, depressed sunday feeling. As I got older, I tried hard to overcome this feeling with all day parties. This helped tremendously and I even attended the St Patricks Day parade in london, a few years ago, where true to form, it pissed down with rain.

So, by way of bringing some variety to the day that celebrates the man who drove all the snakes from ireland, the less said about the bringing of christianity the better, a trad irish supper club night.


Welcoming drink: Cork Dry G & T or glass of Guinness.

Starters tasters of: Black Pudding, wrapped in Parma Ham with a Sundried Compote.

Tripe and onions. A Gluten free alternative.

Main course: Irish Stew, Floury potatoes, Farmhouse cheddar cheese biscuits. Soda bread.

Dessert: Apple pie and berry or brown bread ice cream. Gluten free alternative, berry & cream dressed pavlova.

Irish Coffees.

Tickets from wegottickets


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