Genius Gluten Free Bread launch

May 11, 2010 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Its been a long time, some 25 yrs, since I sat down to a plate of sandwiches, so this was a real treat. Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, a professionally trained chef, spent 3 yrs perfecting a recipe for gluten free bread for her gluten intolerant son. The resulting Genius loaf is now available in a number of supermarket’s which is really good news for all those who suffer from gluten intolerance.

The Genius gluten free tea, held at Claridges, served us a selection of gluten free; salmon, chicken, egg & cress, ham and cucumber sandwiches. Followed by an assortment of delicious tasting pastries and cakes.

Despite only hours noticed, that, not only do I not eat gluten but am also on a dairy and sugar free diet, Claridge’s managed to deliver said sandwiches gluten and dairy free! Very impressed.

I didn’t manage so well on the dessert front, which was understandable. Who ever heard of a sugar free macaron! But bless their hearts they had made a special selection of dairy and gluten free pastries for me, so I did taste my first macaron and a gorgeous almond strawberry tartlet. The taste was worth the sugar headache afterwards.

Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne makes a lovely loaf of bread, the marketing company did a good job of the launch and I particularly  liked the sustainable goody bag with wooden spoon, a brown and white loaf and a fab cook book. I look forward to making some of the great recipes.

Having Candida, unfortunately, I couldn’t make a habit of eating the brown bread as it contains yeast and treacle, or the white as it has sugar and treacle. Despite it only being a small amount, I find it best to avoid completely dairy, sugar, yeast and gluten, as complete abstinence means, once in a while, I can let rip and sample some delicacies like those presented yesterday.

For those who are on a gluten free diet, I think this bread is very good news. It toasted well and didn’t crumble into small morsels when formed into a sandwich. Always a plus when eating food you want to end up in your mouth and not deposited down the front of your clothes.

Since over ten million people in the UK are suffering from one kind of allergy or another and allergic conditions have increased four-fold over the past 20 years. Any new widely available food produce with intolerance in mind is welcomed.

In terms of venue, I’d never been to Claridge’s before. What a beautiful hotel, fabulous chandeliers. But a bit disturbed to find, on visiting the ladies room,  a woman who’s job it was to turn on the tap for you and place a napkin next to it for you to dry your hands. Now, maybe the genteel clientele of Claridge’s don’t have the ambidexterity required to turn on a tap or the wrist strength required to reach for a hand towel, but I sure as hell do.  A bit of a flash back to another century perhaps?

While I was drying my hands the woman had scuttled into the toilet cubicle and deposited half a can of some sort of deordoriser/air freshener down the toilet bowl and into the few cubic feet of air in there. Does she do that after everyone, I thought? Or was it just cos I looked like my wee might smell bad?

My god woman! Think of your health! The health of the planet!! And the health of the next asthmatic who uses that cubicle and is struck down with a fit of dyspnea from all the phthalates, synthetic fragrances and other noxious chemicals contained in that can.

Can’t Claridges find more gainful employment for her before she kills herself and us all with that can of superfluous air polluting nonsense? Smell wise, a couple of sprigs of lavender or eucalyptus or some crushed cardamoms should see us right.



  1. msMarmitelover said,

    So glad you enjoyed it! I would have liked to have gone, but had to go to a dentist appointment instead 😦

    • thelastsupperclub said,

      Yes it was lovely, my first foodie event like this and gluten free as well! I meant to mention the lovely staff at Claridges but I could go on and on so I wont , hope teeth are well

  2. Gourmet Chick said,

    Sorry I missed you – good review – I didn’t use the toilets maybe I should have!

    • thelastsupperclub said,

      Lovely toilets, just have a ‘thing’ about workers in toliets doing things for you, and also polluting the air they and we breath unnecessarily

  3. Alexia said,

    I’ve never tried Claridge’s before but now that you’ve mentioned about the gluten & dairy free treats (I’m a candida sufferer myself) I may treat myself! Excellent, glad you enjoyed your experience ;D

    • Kitchen Jezebel said,

      Alexia, I emphatise! Are you ok with sugar?

      Just you might want to tell them about the dairy free before you arrive, but it was beuatiful, best KJ

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