Upcoming dinners

September 7, 2009 at 12:42 pm (Corsican)

The Last Supper Club The next dates for the Last Supper Club will be the 19th September. Dinner with an autumnal theme savouring the last days of summer and the 10th of October will have a Corsican flavour using herbs from the Maquis, oregano, juniper, rosemary and myrtle, and of course myrtle flavoured Colomba beer. Tickets available from http://www.wegottickets.com


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Confessions from the first night.

September 2, 2009 at 5:40 pm (The Confessional Dinner)

Whoever said practice makes perfect, obviously hadn’t tried that premise with aubergines. At this stage, its time to put the aubergines on the ground, step away from the aubergine, turn around and walk quickly in the opposite direction, with no fond thoughts of what might have been.

I have tried many recipes from the Café Paradiso cookbook, not with great success, I have to admit. Its one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at, a must for anyone who loves food and finds themselves in Cork city. I see they also have accommodation now as well www.cafeparadiso.ie which allows you to have one of their breakfasts and dinner.

Coincidentally the guy who designed their cookbooks and who’s work adores their walls, used to live in my house. He might even have been the one who put the glow stars on the bedroom ceiling.

Anyway, anyone thinking of doing this underground restaurant business needs to set aside at least three full days to shop, prepare, have a nervous breakdown, throw a hissy fit, cook and down a bottle of wine or two (only after the food is on the table). I have cooked for large numbers before, even being blasé enough to shop and cook on the same day. But wasn’t prepared for how long this took.

Partly because of getting the room ready and finding the tables and chairs, partly because of cooking everything from scratch, no shop bought stuff here, no sireee.

I luckily picked up the furniture around the Lambeth area, a set of four chairs and a table was given to me by Sarah, very gratefully received. I found the drop-leaf forties table up the road outside someone’s house and the recycled wicker chair looked great after painting it, and most of myself, black, The only thing I had to buy was a table from Battersea car boot. A lovely man, with a severe asthmatic wheeze carried it to my car, which I felt really bad about until he said he was going for a fag.

We had a laugh making the menu up, trading on the last supper theme defining each course from starters to dessert as bad thoughts, venial sin, mortal sin, absolution, and forgiveness. My Irish catholic background means this theme could run and run but my lack of belief will win over in the end.

On the plus side my timing was perfect, at 7.30 everything was ready, except the guests. Msmarmite was still sailing the high seas or at least making her way across London but everyone else availed of the garden.

I was glad of help come the opening night as I could hardly speak, definitely not a good idea to try and do both front of house and cooking.

I was pleased with the salt cod croquetas (recipe from Moro).

Practicing earlier in the week they came out as a sticky mound of frizzled cod and mushy potato but when you heat the oil to spontaneous combustion temperature, they fry beautifully. I made them with soya milk initially and on second thoughts it might have been good to stick to that, I thought the cow milk a bit fatty and filling.

The frangipane tart could have done with a while in the fridge before serving and while opening the fridge door the ice cream should have been removed a good 10-15 minutes before serving. The ice cream recipe is perfect from a Skye Gyngell’s A Year in my Kitchen.

The guests seem to be having a good time with laughter rising up from below, I appreciate my three friends who supported me on my first night and responded with appropriate mmmm’s and ahhs…

I did feel completely stressed and under pressure at the prospect of being reviewed especially on my first night, but glad it was Msmarmite as she has been really supportive of my venture since I helped her out in the Underground Restaurant. My presentation needs some work and some more appropriate tablewear like sideplates and dessert plates are needed.

Like everything, there is an art to cooking, and everyone should play to their strengths. Mine is probably cooking what I am used too initially but having just one dish which stretches my abilities. Its just I get food envy, and carried away with inspiration, I want to cook everything but all in good time.

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Kyteler’s Revenge

August 30, 2009 at 9:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Kyteler’s Revenge – An Irish Feast 5th September 2009

Tickets available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/58350


Ballygubnet cocktail

Black Pudding, Mustard Mash, Basil and Orange Pesto

Grandmother Slye’s Irish Stew and potato scones.

Apple tart and Jameson’s ice cream

Irish Coffee and truffle chocolates

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The Confessional Dinner

August 19, 2009 at 9:48 pm (Uncategorized)

The confessional dinner

Make your last supper divine….

An eating ceremony:


Glass of Pomegranate fizz,

Aubergine and goats cheese wraps with pine nuts, thyme and caper sauce.

Salt cod croquettes and sweet tomato sauce.

Almond tart with blackberry ice cream.

Tea, coffee and pistachio biscotti.

Time: Saturday, 22 August 2009 19:30

Host: The Last Supper Club

Location: The Last Supper Club – email with details will be forwarded after tickets are purchased.

Tickets can be purchased from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/57376

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